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Michael Tsarion is a researcher and alternative historian who has written and spoken extensively on the occult, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, extraterrestrial life, Atlantis, evil, the origins of life and civilization. Tsarion is particularly interested in conspiracy theory and is considered himself to be a conspiracy theorist that frequently cites the works of Jordan Maxwell, Alistair Crowley, and Carl Jung, as well as classical literature and the Bible to support his views.  Tsarion has written a number of self-published books. In addition, Tsarion has produced and directed numerous documentaries outlining his theories on human origins, astrotheology, and Irish mythology. He is an active member of the research group, The Horizon Project, which is dedicated to answering questions about the origins of life and civilization on Earth. Additionally, he is the co-creator of the self help program known as Time-Gnosis as well as the creator of the Taroscopic Mystery School.
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